This webpage has been created for the DYCP Art Council Grant. Let's kick it off with Amazí's most recent showreel!! Showing examples of her work including live shows, campaigns and magazine features. Video edit by Amazí herself! 

(watching video in HD recommended)


Here are some examples of additional showreels all edited by Amazí. 

SHOWS PRODUCED/CO-produced by Amazí

Here are some highlight reels of shows that Amazí produced or co-produced. All videos are edited by Amazí.


performances Pieces


A confronting piece on race and dual heritage.

Video - Footage by Suhail Patel, video edit by Amazí

Photos - From The Cocoa Butter Club's Demolition Party. Photos by Rob Sloetry Covell

No Problem is a performance piece by Amazí about her own struggles with identity as person of dual heritage (black African and white British).

In the middle of the piece Amazí strips off her black body painted leotard to reveal body painted skin. This symbolises the 2 different worlds mixed black/white people often have to navigate and how they are perceived by the people who comfortably fit in those worlds. The darker leotard represents how she is often perceived as simply black in white communities. The removal of the leotard shows her true skin colour which is neither black nor white. The body paint remains on her skin even when the outer layer is removed, because she proudly carries her black heritage into every aspect of her life.

The piece is not your typical hula-hoop performance. It is confronting and in parts hostile. It is meant to make the audience question how they decide the race of another human being and how they judge them as a result of that. The piece contains a lot of cage like shapes made with the hoops. The cages can be seen as the external constraints put on POC people by society, but also the internal battles Amazí has within. The cages she puts herself in trying to pin down her identity.  Throughout the piece Amazí struggles between freeing herself from these cages and letting them take over her. The final cage is a sphere which she envelopes herself up in, before lifting it up above her head and destroying it. It represents her taking control of her path and releasing herself from her internal binds. The final feat is one of power, spinning 30+ hoops and telling the audience her race isn't a problem for her, even if it is for them.


A piece on the empowerment of black women

Hoops & Honey - commissioned by The Cocoa Butter Club for their Halloween show "Bold and The Bootyful"

Hoops & Honey is made up Amazí and Ophelia Honey. This is a fun piece about strong black women, female empowerment and female sexuality. What starts as a coy, slightly innocent approach onto the stage quickly turns into 2 super confident women of colour, confident in their sexuality and their skin. 

Hoops & Honey thought long and hard about what they wanted this piece to be and settled simply on "badass black women". 


A piece on overcoming injury and truama

This was the first ever solo performance piece Amazí created. Choreographed to a remix of Nina Simone's feeling good, this song is about surviving a traumatic car accident and making big changes in her life.

After being hit by a car whilst crossing the road Amazí suffered incredibly bad injuries, which had the potential to be life changing. Her mental health suffered drastically, being confined to a house for months. It took daily physio over 2 years to get her leg back to health. In that time she discovered how important movement, dance and circus were to her. She took an incredibly bold (and to be honest super risky) step of quitting her job to pursue her passion of hula hooping, before her leg had fully healed. As soon as she made that decision a weight was lifted, she focused all her energy into getting better and pursuing her passion. This piece is about come out the other side of all that madness.

She told her story in a US Zine called Paradise Papers "The Pain Edition" and was featured on the front cover (photos below).



Amazí has 2 Guinness World Records. The first is "Most amount of hoops spun as a group" with Marawa's Majorettes and the second is a solo record of "Longest Duration Spinning 30 hoops". Her solo record was achieved in 2020 between lockdowns. During the first UK Lockdown Amazí trained super hard and as soon as lockdown was over she went out and set a new world record.

Guinness World Records don't come with any monetary prize or a trophy. Amazí wanted to break the records to test the limits of the human body. She also wanted to be an inspiration to other young people who are thinking of getting into the circus arts. It is really important that young POC see people that look like them achieving great things and this is one of the reasons it was very important to Amazí to achieve this record.


Amazí is the lead model/talent in the new Puma X Charlotte Olympia Campaign - It's a Knockout - Part 2.

Amazí was not just the main feature of the campaign, but also part of the creative process. The set was based on the lockdown performances she had been doing at home, decorating her room with glitter curtains and scattered hoops. As this was filmed during COVID-19 in 2020 the team on site were very small. So Amazí worked closely with Charlotte Olympia to come up with the concept of the campaign. Amazí also chose the music for the campaign and choreographed the routine.


Choreographed and edited by Amazi

Amazí is Head of Performance for Marawa's Majorettes. She is responsible for training, choreography, seeking and organising projects for the troupe. 

During the first UK lockdown in 2020 Amazí wanted to build morale and team spirit. So she set to work making a project for The Majorettes to keep them busy. She Choreographed a hoop performance to "I Will Survive"by Gloria Gaynor. Then she choose outfits and got everyone to record themselves performing the routine. Over 30 Majorettes took part from over 8 different cities (in UK, US, Australia and Germany). 

The video had an excellent response. It viewed by over 80,000 people on Facebook and Instagram.  It was even shared by Gloria Gaynor herself!!! (I can die happy)


When she's not performing, leading Guinness World Record holding  hula hoop troupes or starring in campaigns Amazí teaches hula hoop fitness. These are alternative fitness classes based on play, dance and having fun as well as building strength and staying active. The gym isn't for everyone and there is NO REASON AT ALL you shouldn't have fun while working out.

Pre-Covid was teaching these classes around the country including in gyms and fitness centre, for corporate team building, at community events and private events. Since the 1st lockdown Amazí has been teaching via ZOOM, keeping people motivated and healthy during these tough times.  

Amazí has also managed to teach ZOOM classes to corporate clients and a regular class for an Indian rhythmic gymnastics group Kalaakar.

Thanks for reading!! Maz Xxx